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What are the rescue leagues?

Most local Miniature Schnauzer clubs have dedicated folks who attempt to place dogs that have lost their homes. They may have been picked up by the local animal shelters. Their owners may be forced to move to homes which do not permit pets. Their owners may no longer be able to care for them. For whatever reason, these pure-bred Miniature Schnauzers no longer have homes of their own.

Policies vary from group to group. Most of the time the dogs have had at least a minimal health check-up. They have usually been spayed or neutered. They are not for breeding. They are pets deserving of a loving pet home. Usually there is some cost for them. This cost hardly ever covers the on-going costs of the rescue operation.

Don't "rescue" or remove a dog from a bad situation or adopt it from a shelter "assuming" someone in rescue can help you with the dog. Many times the rescuers are overflowing with dogs, and our resources (foster homes and financial) are limited. If you are considering trying to help a dog, but don't know that you can handle the situation unassisted, check with your closest rescuer BEFORE you take the dog in. We all do what we can, but most of us are limited by state or local ordinances (number of dogs we can have in our homes, whether we can take owner surrenders, etc.) and will not be able to help you with the dog. Also, buying a dog at an auction only puts more money in the hands of the puppymillers selling those dogs and there are rescue groups that will not assist with dogs purchased at auctions. It is against AKC policy for rescuers to take dogs from auctions:

4. "The American Kennel Club discourages Parent Club rescue groups from purchasing dogs at auctions. Although Parent Clubs may be doing good things for individual dogs purchased at auctions, it perpetuates the problem and tends to create a seller's market. Reciprocally, auctioneers seek more dogs of those breeds to offer at auctions. AKC applauds the work of Parent Club rescue groups on many fronts. However, AKC believes that the purchasing of dogs at auctions is not overall in the best interest of purebred dogs." http://www.akc.org/rules/policymanual.cfm?page=7

If you would like to surrender your dog to a rescuer, PLAN IN ADVANCE. Don't call and expect that the rescuer will be able to take your dog that day. They may need to put you on a waiting list, and even being on a waiting list does not assure you first come, first served, as some of the dogs we are contacted about are in shelters and will be put to sleep if we cannot take them. Those dogs are considered a priority. Also, before surrendering your dog to a rescuer, FOR YOUR DOG'S SAKE, it should be current on vaccinations. Dogs, like humans, can be carriers of a disease that they don't have, and your dog could be put at risk if it is not protected against rabies, distemper, etc., when it comes into contact with the other foster dogs, or, it could put the foster dogs (or rescuer's own dogs) at risk if it is not current on the vaccinations. You will need to provide proof from a veterinarian that your dog IS current on its shots.

Since rescue is usually funded out of the pockets of the rescuers themselves, it makes it a lot easier for them to take your dog if they can place it without needing to have it "vetted" prior to placement. "Vetted" means have it altered (spayed or neutered - A MUST FOR ALL DOGS WE PLACE), tested for heartworm and on preventive, brought current on its vaccinations, and for miniature schnauzers, a dental is usually necessary.

When you call to surrender your dog, be honest about why you are surrendering it. If the dog is aggressive, not housebroken, destructive, not good with other dogs/children, or has some other issue(s) please tell us. We ARE going to find out, and this information can be very helpful when we attempt to place the dog, and being deceptive doesn't help us help the dog you are giving up.

If you are in a position to do so, make a donation to the group taking your dog. If the dog doesn't need to be vetted, the money will go for food, heartworm and flea preventive, and supplies, such as laundry detergent to keep the dog beds clean, cleaner for the dog crates, dishwashing detergent to keep the food and water bowls clean, etc. Your donation helps us be able to continue helping dogs in the future. Keep in mind that if the dog has special needs, or is older, it may take over a year to find the right home for him/her.

If you find a stray schnauzer....

Most rescue groups cannot take strays directly from the person who found the dog. You can contact the rescue, to let them know you found it, and provide them with any information you can about the dog. However, the dog should be taken to your veterinarian or local shelter to have it scanned for a microchip. If it does have a chip, and the chip has been registered, they will provide you with the number and you can contact
the microchip company for the name of the owner, so that you can let them know you found the dog. If the chip has not been registered, you can ask the microchip company who purchased the chip (usually a shelter/rescue, veterinarian or breeder), and you can contact THAT person or group and let them know found the dog, and THEY should be able to track down the owner.

If the dog is not microchipped or wearing identification (tags or is tattooed), the dog should be taken to the closest police department. They will take the dog to the closest holding facility, where the dog
will be held for a certain amount of time, allowing the owners to track down their dog. If the owners do not come forward, then the facility may contact a rescue group, or the dog may be euthanized. If you let
the closest rescue group know about the dog, they can keep track of the dog, since many of these facilities will work with rescue and allow us to help find a new home for these dogs.

Where can I find them?

Click on this link and see the end of this page:

Local Miniature Schnauzer Clubs

This listing shows a Rescue contact for most of the local clubs. If known to the AMSC, then the contact person is listed there. Check this first. If not listed, then contact an officer of the local club and ask about their rescue league operations.

I am interested in helping to rescue Miniature Schnauzers. Where do I start?

Contact your Miniature Schnauzer Club Rescue contact person. Most are always in need of extra help. If there is no active rescue league, volunteer to start it.

Where can I get more information on starting up a Miniature Schnauzer Rescue League?

Please note:  if you are inquiring about a rescue dog, give your location (city, state).  If you are interested in contacting a breeder, see Breeder Referral.

The national chairperson for the American Miniature Schnauzer Rescue League is:

AMSC Rescue Chairman:
   Michele Smith
   Highland Park, IL
   (847) 926-9920
   E-mail: rescue@amsc.us

Are their other MS rescue league resources?

Yes. Here are some other MS rescue groups unaffiliated with the AMSC.  Please refer to the AMSC Minimum Rescue Requirements that apply to these groups.
Bee Smith
15 Locust Road
Bordertown, NJ 08505
(609) 298-6729
Email: snauzers@aol.com
Min. Schnauzer Rescue Northwest, Inc.
Jonnie Hart
Email: jandlhart1@msn.com
Portland, OR
(503) 292-6510
Barbara Keepes
Email: barbarakeepes@comcast.net
(503) 287-8697

Leslie Shields

Judy LaBelle
RD1 Speice Road
Pottstown, PA 19464
(610) 326-9490
Norma Carver
4000 Mt. Pleasant Road
Sherrils Ford, NC 28673
(704) 483-5364
Email: norfran@earthlink.net
Wanda Loreck
190 Thompson Road
Webster, MA  01570
(508) 949-2012
E-mail: trixanssch@hotmail.com
Nashville Schnauzer Rescue
Nashville, TN
Laura Kelley
(615) 781-9260
Email: rescueschnauzer@yahoo.com
St. Louis Schnauzer Rescue
Katherin Riggs
(314) 966-5589
Website: http://www.petfinder.com/shelters/MO54.html
Sunny Arruda
San Jose, CA 95123
Email: ert4dogz@aol.com
Website: South Bay Purebred Rescue
New Jersey Schnauzer Rescue Network, Inc.
(908) 534-2225
Website: NJ Schnauzer Rescue Network
Email: LGW1060@aol.com
San Joaquin Miniature Schnauzer Club Rescue
Pam Satlof
PO Box 344
Pittsburg, CA  94565
Email: Gensta@aol.com
(925) 427-2806 (evenings only - after 7pm)
Schnauzer Love Rescue, Inc.
(205) 853-6709
Website: www.schnauzerloverescue.org

Jacque Poggioreale (FL)--
(772) 878-6356
Email: Shadynapa@aol.com

Leigh Ann Stone (TN)--
(901) 461-5568 (cell)
Memphis, TN
Email: aubie_68@yahoo.com

Diane Farris (MS)--
(228) 434-6951
Ocean Springs, MS
Email: stevens917@bellsouth.net

Judy Colvin (GA)
Marietta, GA
(678) 525-9991 (cell)
Email: jkcolvin@bellsouth.net

Angela Charters (SC)
Bonneau, SC
(843) 834-6527 (cell)
Email: annieilesa2003@yahoo.com
Rocky Mountain Schnauzer Rescue
P. O. Box 156
Greeley, CO 80632
Stacey O'Rourke
phone: (970) 590-6755
fax: (970) 378-9070
Email: schnauzers@qwest.net
Website: rescue website
Schnauzer Rescue of Louisiana
Shanna Little
27020 Glascock Lane
Walker, LA 70785
(225) 791-4808
Email: shannalittle@yahoo.com

Colleen Mooney
New Orleans, LA
Email: colleenmooney@yahoo.com

Jade Honeycutt
Monroe, LA
Email: jadehoneycutt@hotmail.com
Cindy Stoll
Humboldt, KS
(620) 431-3921 (work)
(620) 432-5034 (home)
Email: cstoll@cox.net
Miniature Schnauzer Rescue of Houston
Karen Coleman
Email: houstonschnauzerrescue@yahoo.com
Houston, Texas
(281) 580-6692
Website: www.msrh.org

Sherry Eitel
email: Sherry@eitel.com
Schnauzer Rescue of the Carolinas
2643 Tumbleweed Dr
Lenoir, NC 28645
Email: srcinfo@bellsouth.net
(828) 726-1510
fax (910) 401-1317
Website: www.schnauzerrescueofthe carolinas.org
-A non-profit organization-
Arizona Schnauzer Rescue, Inc.
Gail Greeley
Chandler, AZ
Covering AZ, NM and NV
(480) 917-4710
Email: AZschnauzer@cox.net
Website: www.AZschnauzer.org
NC Schnauzer Rescue (NCSR)
Non-profit Rescue for Miniature Schnauzers in North Carolina
PO Box 1147
Holly Springs, NC 27540
(919) 434-5091
Email: rescue@NCschnauzers.org
Website: www.NCschnauzers.org
Southern Nevada Schnauzer Rescue
Las Vegas, Nevada
Dawn Beuth
(702) 203-7439
E-Mail: rescueschnauzers@aol.com
Rescue Website:
Dianne Armstrong
(406) 443-6488
Miniature Schnauzer Rescue of North Texas
Carole Smith rescue@msrnt.com
Sheryl Goerke adopt@msrnt.com

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