Canine Health Topics

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Good breeders work to avoid potential health issues by using health histories, health screening, or even genetic testing.

 Cataracts – a hereditary cloudiness of the lens in the eye – Click here for more information

Hyperlipidemia – the inability to process fats properly – Click here for more information

MAC or Mycobacterium Avium Complex- Click here for more information

Pancreatitis – inflammation of the pancreas – Click here for more information

Portosystemic Shunts (PSS) or liver shunts – Click here for more information

Urolithiasis, or “stones” somewhere in the urinary tract – Click here for more information

 Resource Links

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Veterinary Merck Manual

American Association of Holistic Veterinarians WEB LINKS

American Kennel Club

NOTE: These Webpages are provided as information only and do NOT represent Veterinary medical advice. Owners should discuss their pet’s needs with their Veterinarian who will be up to date on current protocols and advances in Veterinary Medicine.