Ch Dorem Display

Virtually all of today’s show Miniature Schnauzers trace many times to Ch Dorem Display, our first Best in Show winner. ‘Display’ lived from 1945 – 1959, and was the sire of 42 Champions.


This section of the AMSC website is a resource for conformation judges. It is presented with the purpose of providing resources for judges wishing to enhance their understanding of the Miniature Schnauzer breed.

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AMSC Breed Mentors

The following AMSC members have been approved by the Board of Directors to be qualified as Mentors for the Miniature Schnauzer breed. Any prospective breed judges or prospective reputable breeders wishing more in-depth knowledge and information about the breed may contact the Breed Mentors by e-mail at the addresses listed. If you are interested in puppies or have general questions, please refer to the Referrals Pages.


Julie Cooper cooperjewels@yahoo.com

Alice Gough wagschnauzer@aol.com


Martin Marks mm_markworth@yahoo.com


John Constantine John@adamis.org

Amy Gordon aragonms@worldnet.att.net
Carole Weinberger bandsman@earthlink.net


Donna Hills bravosms@aol.com


Wyoma Clouss clouss@wy-os.net


Penny Hirstein penfile@aol.com
Marcia Feld mfeld@prodigy.net


Beth Santure mailto:bsanture@gmail.com

New York

Carla M. Borrelli CBORR@aol.com
Brian Bogart SumerwyndB@aol.com
Wade Bogart WadeBogart@yahoo.com

North Carolina

Terrie Houck destineez2@aol.com


Gale Schnetzer pksgls@fuse.net


Chris Levy chris@abiquadogs.com

Saskatchewan, Canada

Katherine McMillian katewerk@sasktel.net


Bolivia Powell tejas797@aol.com

Bryan (Bill) Brown bwbwn@rice.edu


Mary Paisley MTOMARKENNEL@aol.com

Ch Phil Mar Lugar, born in 1956 and a
Great-Great Grandson of Dorem Display,
won Best of Breed at Montgomery County
Terrier Specialties in 1960,
and was the sire of 26 Champions.

AMSC Judges’ Seminars

AMSC Miniature Schnauzer Judges Seminar and Workshop

October 6, 2022      Time:   6:00 PM – 8:30PM

Hampton Inn 

1915 John Fries Hwy

Quakertown, PA

Please contact John Constantine-Amodei

john@adamis.org  to reserve a spot. 

No Fee – Limited attendance


AMSC Members only:

(to get an application to become a Breed Mentor, see these links (Adobe PDF files):

Breed Mentor Requirements

Breed Mentor Application in Word

Breed Mentor Application PDF File

Seminar Announcement