AMSC Members

The AMSC has recently received a report that suggests the carrier rate for
the  PPT1-marker variant for Type B PRA (HIVEP3 PRA) in our breed may be
relatively high.  While this is preliminary, it is concerning and requires
our attention.  Being aware of the prevalence rate provides us with a
unique opportunity to reduce the rate while preserving our shrinking gene
pool.  Because of this potential for damage to our gene pool, we urge that
dogs testing as Type B PRA carriers NOT be removed from breeding simply
based on these results.

By working together and using judicious breeding of carriers,  we need to
incorporate the Type B PRA  test ( the more accurate Wisdom test – Type B –
HIVEP3 PRA)  ONLY as a TOOL TO BREED FORWARD from carriers with test clear
mates. This will prevent the birth of affected offspring while protecting
the Miniature Schnauzer breed from further genetic loss.  This cannot be
over-emphasized and your help in this is very important.

We have successfully done this before and were able to virtually eliminate
CJC (thru test breeding as a DNA test was not available) and with MAC.  It
cannot be stressed enough that removing valuable genes from our population
will do more harm to pressure an already fragile gene pool.  If you need
help to understand the importance of using this protocol to preserve our
Breed, please do not hesitate to contact anyone on the AMSC Health Committee
or Kate McMillan who is collaborating with the Health Committee on this

A number of previous AMSC Health Seminars enlisted the resources and
expertise of Dr. Carmen Battaglia, AKC  breeder judge and well-known speaker
as well as Dr. Jerold Bell, DVM, and respected geneticist both of whom have
written and spoken extensively on genetic preservation.  I have attached
several articles and links but you are welcome to search the website for a plethora of good and science-based
information on Breeding and genetics plus!  We have other articles we would
be happy to share.

The single PRA test for Miniature Schnauzers (Type B – HIVEP3 PRA) can be
obtained from

Please feel free to contact us – we must work together!  We are committed
to meeting this challenge!

Patti Henderson
Chair AMSC Health Committee,
Cell:  404-401-1173