Adopt a Schnauzer

Please be sure that your expectations about rescue are reasonable. Dogs found through rescue come in all shapes, sizes, and colors; with cropped and uncropped ears; and with docked and undocked tails. Although they make perfectly wonderful pets, they don’t come with health guarantees and won’t look like they just stepped out of the show ring. They may come with some “baggage,” but with continued socialization, proper training, and your love and attention, you will see them thrive!

If you’re interested in adopting a Miniature Schnauzer, please contact the AMSC recognized rescue group or Regional Miniature Schnauzer club closest to you. These groups have agreed to follow our minimum rescue requirements but may have additional requirements or offer additional services. If they are not able to help or do not respond, please contact the AMSC rescue chair at

You will be expected to complete an adoption application, provide veterinary and personal references, and pay an adoption fee.