General Health

General Health

We expect the Miniature Schnauzer to be a happy, healthy dog, energetic, with a great appetite for life and for dinner!


Any time you are bringing any puppy or adult dog into your home, you should do your homework first. Ask a nice open question like, “are there any hereditary issues I need to know about?” and look for an informed answer. Expect to hear that the breeder has had the parents eyes checked annually by a board-certified veterinary ophthalmologist and has also had the puppies eyes examined, with supporting paperwork, and that the puppies/adult have been health checked by the breeder’s veterinarian, that the parents have no history of cardiac or eye problems, and vaccinations are up to date. Ask what the puppy/adult has been eating and how often, what training and socialization has the puppy/adult had. Expect the breeder to ask you a lot of questions as well! The best breeders want the best homes for their dogs.

Definitely take the puppy for a “well-puppy” check with your own veterinarian within the first day or two – your veterinarian is your expert health resource, and we want your puppy to have the best possible start.

You should have a written agreement from the breeder that if for any reason the puppy does not pass that first check-up, that you can return the puppy and get a full purchase price refund. That said, a well-chosen breeder is your lifetime resource for all your questions.

Review our AMSC Code of Ethics to understand what to expect from our members. Our AMSC Referral Pages are a wonderful way to find a great breeder! Enjoy your new Miniature Schnauzer!


Want to help us help Miniature Schnauzers?

The AMSC Health Committee is constantly looking for ways that our club can help support Miniature Schnauzer Health Studies and Testing to improve the quality of life for our beloved breed. Any donation you might care to make will help support that cause.

Thank you from the American Miniature Schnauzer Club




The AMSC is a proud member of CHIC – Canine Health Information Center


CHIC, also known as the Canine Health Information Center is a centralized public database established by the AKC Canine Health Foundation to aid breed clubs collecting health information for their breeds, and to assist breeders by providing specific health information about dogs.

AMSC and CHIC FAQ’s for breeders

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NOTE: These Webpages are provided as information only and do NOT represent Veterinary medical advice. Owners should discuss their pet’s needs with their Veterinarian who will be up to date on current protocols and advances in Veterinary Medicine.